Schedule a 1:1 video call for 50 or 80 minutes to discuss your college journey or essay of your choice with us.

With KPCA Live, You Can Expect To...

Find Your Story

KPCA Live helps you strategize the best way to convey your personal narrative. By offering you targeted, line-by-line essay reviews or holistic reviews of your application materials, our advisors ensure that you present the best version of your story.



Get Personal


Through 1:1 real-time conversations with our advisors, KPCA Live offers special opportunities for students to form connections with our advisors who will work with you to collaboratively explore your story. We go beyond grammatical, syntactical, and structural suggestions to get at the heart of your message and deliver feedback unique to you and your goals.

Learn to “think like an advisor”

Developing a unique pace and rhythm for each student, advisors identify common misconceptions, address specific questions, provide extensive feedback on essays, and more. KPCA’s advisors will give high-level and student-specific lessons for improving application structure and content. Our advisors help students gain a deeper understanding of the kinds of meaningful ideas they can explore in their essays and a stronger self-awareness in the direction(s) they plan to take their overall applications.

Two unique offerings for KPCA Live

When booking a KPCA Live session, you will select one of two types of live calls we offer prior to checkout:

(1) Live Essay Editing or (2) Story Building

Live Editing

KPCA Live Editing is a service that enables us to walk through your essay  in a manner similar to offline editing but with more room for collaborative and targeted feedback through back-and-forth discussion with you, the author. Unlike offline editing, live editing is an opportunity for us to elaborate on the larger lessons behind our personalized suggestions. We help you understand how our feedback can illuminate broader principles that you can take with you throughout all your applications this season!


Story Building

By choosing Story Building, you will engage in a holistic review of your application materials, ideas, and goals with a KPCA advisor to understand how the individual elements of your application can better work together in unity. No matter what point you are at in your application process, our team aims to help you put together an applicant profile that best represents you and tells your whole story -- and is one that you are proud of!

Regardless of which type of call you select, KPCA advisors guarantee you are putting your best foot forward as you navigate the complex admissions process.

Our Standards

KPCA Live advisors—students fresh out of the college process themselves—offer you an outside perspective on your written materials, helping you identify ways to more clearly communicate your personal narratives to your readers. Through rigorous training and hiring procedures, we ensure that our team members are qualified to guide students towards authenticity in their college applications.


At KPCA, we do not devise a new story for you. Additionally, we are not a college-planning initiative; we cannot guide you towards applying or not applying to particular schools or assure you of or predict any admission result. While we can share our personal admissions experiences and the lessons we’ve gathered from being accepted, waitlisted, or rejected, our feedback is not intended to be a final word on the direction in which students should take their applications. We only serve to lend you a supportive hand as you map out your own college process and learn about your unique identity as a prospective applicant.