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Our Editors Work To Help You...

Understand how your voice and message comes through to a reader outside of your life 


It is hard to predict how an admissions officer that has never met you will interpret your voice. Will they think you are excited? Mature? Passionate? While having friends and family review your essays is great, it can be hard for them to separate their existing knowledge of you from the presentation of you in your essay. Our reviews intend to give you an understanding of how you are portrayed in the essay in order to help you shape your voice toward your intended portrayal. 

Shape your message and topic to answer the prompt and convey your intentions

Many students struggle to match their essay content with the content the prompt requires. If you are unsure how well your essay answers the prompt or fits a particular prompt, we are here to help! Our editors are sure to give you their thoughts on how your essay relates to the prompt. Additionally, we look to analyze the message or theme that comes through in your essay. Is it the message you are intending to send? Does the essay have a central message at all? On a high-level, we want to help you feel confident in the nature of your essay.

Polish the grammar and structure of your essay

Throughout the review, we look to smooth out any grammatical or structural errors we notice in your essay. If an awkward sentence is detracting from the message you are looking to send, we want to help you identify that problem and find a solution. If the essay is overwhelmed with distracting grammatical errors, we want to help you resolve those in order for the reader to focus on your message. We try to help you use strong descriptors and active verbs while avoiding cliches.

We Pursue These Three Goals Through A Two-Part Review Process

Line-by-line edits

Every sentence of your essay will receive feedback, whether it is on grammatical errors needing to be fixed, a transition that could be stronger, something you did well, a word you are repeating too often, etc. Our line-by-line comments help you understand and polish the details of your essay by giving analysis on specific pieces such as your intro sentence, closing sentence, powerful turning points, and more. These detailed comments also provide the specific guidance necessary to help you understand how to smooth out grammatical and structural errors. 


A final paragraph of analysis


At the end of each essay you submit, regardless of the word count, your editor will give you a paragraph that includes their high-level feedback. They look to address any glaring issues they noticed, how you portray yourself in the essay, whether the essay properly addresses the prompt, something they feel you did particularly well, and more. 

Our Standards

We hold our editors to these high standards, conducting reviews of each editor’s work at least three times per week. We consistently analyze your feedback to improve our team individually and collectively. Still, with our large team and high volume of essays, is it possible you receive a review that is below our standards, though this rarely happens. If this is the case, please reach out so we take care of the issue ASAP. We want every client to feel more than satisfied with their feedback!


Write or rewrite your essay for you

Key Prep College Apps only accepts completed drafts of your essays. We strictly use the commenting function on google docs to ensure that we are neither writing or rewriting your college essay. We look to help you emphasize and cultivate your voice, not ours! 

Help you formulate an idea for an essay

Currently, we do not offer a service that helps you work through multiple ideas you may have for an essay. You are welcome to leave thoughts on your completed draft submission about your ideas surrounding your topic, but we are unable to help you before you have a completed draft. 

Assist with any other part of your application 

If you are seeking help selecting schools, curating your activities list, or improving your standardized test scores, Key Prep College Apps may not be the service for you. We currently do not help with any part of the application aside from essays. 

Our Timeline

Our standard editing timeline is 3-5 days, meaning if you submit your essay on the 10th for example, the latest it will be reviewed is the 14th. If you need your essay reviewed faster than our 3-5 day timeline, we have rush options available!